What is CashbackIF

Customers select a predictions
After a purchase is completed,

Widget confirms and pay the rewards
The widget confirms their order and wish them luck! If the selected predictions become correct they get the reward. mochilas kanken mini Pay out is done as cash,

Predictions appear on your webstore
The widget appears on your webshop against products you select. It presents your customers with multiple ‘sports predictions’ and rewards. Customers can purchase products as normal

  • The widget offers exciting rewards to your customers
  • The rewards don’t affect your pricing
  • All offers are strictly sports, entertainment related and targeted to your audience.

Features & Benefits

Personalised Rewards

We set-up sport & entertainment related offers to match your audience.

Increase Sales with Interest

It’s been proven that 10% discounts no longer yield the return they used to for ecommerce sites. nike air max chaussure pas cher With CashbackIF the offers presented will get greater engagement as these will be specifically targeted to your audience.

Easy Integration

IntegrateCashbackIF onto any E-commerce website is achieved through a single script line which needs to be copied onto your site;in the same way you would add Google Analytics to your website.

Improved retention

Our offers give users the chance to get a reward, and when they do, they have to use it by revisiting your ecommerce site. Therefore; the customer has to return for a repeat purchase to use their newly won reward.

Winning Experience

Everyone wants to be a winner; giving your customers that feeling whilst associating with your brand only strengthens their emotional ties with you. Give your customers that feel good feeling!